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H-Alpha and Narrowband images

Hi, many thanks to Juan Carlos for invitation to this blog.
I am an italian astroimager that capture his images from a urban site near Milan, a site with a high light pollution. So, many of my images are captured trough narrowband filters, H-alpha, SII and OIII.
Today I would show you two of my images, captured some years ago with this method.
The first is M17 Omega or Swan Nebula in Sagittarius, a classic narrowband image Ha-S2HaO3, 180' exposition for channel.
The second is a 15 panels mosaic in Cygnus constellation that showing The North America and Pelican Nebulaes, only H-alpha from 2 to 3 hours for panel.
Both images captured with 115/800 apochromatic refractor and Sbig ST2000XM camera.

2 comentarios:

  1. Thank you for accepting to come and share with us and the world your work in astrophotography, congratulations on your first entry Roberto!

  2. Hello Roberto ... It's a great job, Omega is sublime .. thanks for sharing and welcome to Universo Mágico Público


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